Sunday, May 19, 2019

Game of Thrones Series Finale Predictions?

Is the Series Finale for Game of Thrones all about the Dragon? Is the finale going to give the lone remaining Dragon its due? Will the Ice Dragon miraculously appear and become partners with the one remaining Fire Dragon? Perhaps they will go off somewhere and create a new race of Fire and Ice Dragon Babies that roam the earth keeping earthlings in check.

As G.O.T. series comes to a close the number of perceived Protagonists left alive has dwindled to a scant few. If Game Thrones does not end on a Good vs Evil note, will that be viewed as cutting edge television, or, will I be left asking why did I watch till the end only to have someone "win" who was a bad guy?

I did not become a regular viewer of G.O.T. until Season 7. But Season 7 did draw me into the hype. 

Regarding Season 8, Imagine if Present day Earth had to band together to figure out how to destroy an incoming Asteroid that would decimate the planet, succeeds in destroying the asteroid, then goes back to business as usual, would be kind of depressing to realize our inability to  channel humilty and gratitude for more than a moment or two. It seems like Earth's Asteroid is the path that G.O.T. has taken.

Perhaps Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark would have the inside track as the last remaining Protagonist. Perhaps she is slated to become Queen while carrying a future King after her first time romp with Gendry.

But what about that Dragon?

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